If the geography of a place informs the work that we do, the long-standing through line of Nevada's work has been generated from living in small mountain towns where changes in the seasons and the weather affect subject matter and palette. In combination, a largely Eastern-leaning contemplative practice influences her work topically and in the form of interwoven Buddhist iconography and more recently, symbols and designs from indigenous South American traditions. Primarily, Nevada's intent is to create work that uplifts and quietly encourages a connection to and appreciation of our true nature and the natural world. 

Nevada uses acrylic spray paint, iridescent inks, gold, silver and bronze leaf, epoxy resin and metallic paints to create stylized, brightly coloured images on hardboard. Small brushes allow her to create concise lines, detailed designs and flat, smooth finishes. Nevada often works with themes that explore the subconscious and in recent work, employs epoxy resin to create a dimension that represents that intangible space; a place that exists yet cannot be seen with the human eye.