Generally speaking, when I create I am working with an idea, or have a specific goal in mind for an exhibit or a project. Often that goal has been generated by current events, my contemplative practice, or a combination of the two. I ponder an idea, or sometimes just a notion and for it to find expression, I spend an inordinate amount of time imagining it into a series of images. These images are usually quite defined before they find expression. That is not to say I always, or ever accomplish the task of exactly recreating what is in my minds eye. But suffice it to say I am not making work by randomly sketching or putting paint to canvas and just seeing what unfolds. Although I like the idea of working that way, the truth is I never do. 

I have been drawing and painting since I was a child and I can now look back and see that being in a constant state of flux, however subtle, means that my work is always changing and how I work is part of that evolution. Perhaps what doesn't change is the intention to create with authenticity. My aim is to create pieces that are thought provoking, with the potential to inspire positive action. I like to mix mediums and try new ways of working, even if that means failing upward — making things that don’t work, but provide a foundation to evolve and move forward. The little voices in my head, my gut instincts and the gentle nudges from my heart guide my practice and I hope that never changes.