Winter said hello today with a brief, but blustery snowstorm. I have been dipping in the lake as a daily practice since April and now that the temperatures have dropped it’s getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot. It’s going to take some tenacity to keep this practice up, but luckily I have Asta, my summer long dipping partner, to keep the vibe alive. 

If you work long hours in the studio or sit a lot for work, consider giving cold water therapy a try. Cold water dipping is an effective, easy, inexpensive way to reduce inflammation and uplift the mood. For reasons which are inexplicable to me I find that I am energized and inspired for the rest of the day if I have takien the time to dip in the morning. 

I live next to a cold lake in the mountains, but for those of you who do not have such easy access, consider a quick dip in cold bath. It’s easier than you think and you wont be standing out in the wind and the rain come November!

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